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Fresh Pollen
Bee pollen is a super nutritious food that, within a short time, can make you feel full of energy and improve yourself inside and out. Following experiments, pollen components have been found to show antimicrobial activity because they inhibit the growth of bacteria and pathogenic fungi. This action could be attributed to the high content of flavonoids
Propole or (bee-glue) is a sticky substance produced by bees, which results from the collection of resinous secretions from plant bark, and enriches it with wax, pollen, enzymes and other substances. Propolis is used by bees to seal and sanitize the interior of the hive. Propolis has a broad antiviral spectrum, and its antiviral activity is significantly enhanced in combination with pollen and royal jelly. It has certified antiviral activity, including influenza, H1N1 and H1N3.
Pure Royal Jelly
Royal jelly is a creamy substance produced by bees as a food for the future queen. It is secreted by specific glands of the bevy of the bees and in this respect it differs from honey, since it is not secreted by the bee body. The royal pulp feeds the bee larvae, which as perfect insects will become queens. These larvae initially do not differ from those made by workers, but under the influence of royal jelly they grow into queens.
Raw portions of honey
Individual portions of honey on sticks. It is available per portion in individual great tasting honey portions of 15gr. Pure and authentic honey with a soft texture, especially suitable for hot drinks (tea, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, filter coffee).

Advantages stick:

Ease of use and service (easily placed next to the cup)
With a packaging cutter to easily open without soiling.
In transparent packaging to show its excellent quality.
Raw Honey
Honey is an aromatic, viscous, sweet material derived from the nectar of the plants, which bees collect and alter it to feed them to a denser liquid and eventually store it in their honeycombs. In the age where we live, where man intervenes and processes what nature creates, the team of "Crude Nectar" is here to restore the purity of natural products.
Based on Agia Marina Koropiou, but with continuous trips along with our bees, we collect flavors and varieties from all over Greece, inside a jar.
Our bees offer their products and we, directly from the hive, fill the jars that reach your table.
Pure, unprocessed products that make them unique and seldom in taste but also nutrients. Raw bee creations, without any conservatives but full of energy and health.
Like then, in the age of our grandparents.
For the old ones to remember .. and the young to learn.
Genuine authentic honeycomb
he honeycomb as we know is made of wax. The wax is a fatty substance produced by the bee, which is located on her belly, arranged in pairs, at four points. From the gels, the candle comes out into scales, which the bee catches with her feet, brings it to her mouth and makes them with her jaws to form the honeycombs.
Bees producing candles should be "honey-filled" ... it has been estimated that for the bees to produce 1 kilogram of wax must have previously consumed about 7 to 9 pounds of honey.
Raw Nectar

When the word "Honey" is not enough ...